The Pennsylvania Post stands as the independent voice of the University of Pennsylvania. Committed to journalistic excellence we challenge readers to engage in thoughtful dialogue and active discourse. Our publication features news and opinion pieces throughout the academic year, contributing to a culture of critical thought, civic engagement, and informed discussion at Penn.



  • Editor-in-Chief: Lexi Boccuzzi
  • Ombudsman: Brett Seaton
  • Technology Director: Nicolas Casey
  • Executive Editor: Jennifer Mesa
  • News Editor: Chloe Hunt
  • Opinion Editor: Glynn Boltman
  • Social Ivy Editor: Emma McClure
  • Arts & Culture Editors: Thomas Sharrock, Joanna Luna
  • Data Editor: Anjali Reddy
  • Sports Editor: Ryan Wolff
  • Copy Editor: Dillon Nittoli
  • Podcast Director: Nicolas Scola
  • Social Media Editor: Reagan Reese
  • Layout and Design Editor: Morgan Zinn


  • Staff Writers: Jacob Rosenberg, Sam Gilbert, Kayla Massick, CH Henry, Juan Tejera, Javier Quiñones-Casanova
  • Photographers: Ireland Gorecki
  • Podcast Hosts: Anjali Jathavedam

Business and Logistics:

  • Business Director: Peter Kapp
  • Fundraising Director: Abraham Franchetti
  • Accounts Manager: Ben Butcher
  • Distribution Manager: Mia Antonacci

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